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About this website

The website has been divided into static pages and regular posts under Blog. There are more than 200 pages with top 50 websites links under each category, which makes a collection of 10,000 top websites links.

The websites are listed based on traffic rank of site, as compared to all other sites in the world. (#1 being the site with most traffic). Data is taken from a top tech company expert in this field. Following parameters were considered for ranking:

  • Average time spent by users on the website per visit.
  • Average website pages viewed per visit.
  • Percentage of visitors that view only 1 page on website before exiting.

 Please note that you may find one website ranking two times in the same category list, but there will be a difference. (Example: google.com and google.co.uk).

Both are different domains covering different regions.

Why I created this website, adding one more drop to the ocean?

My name is Usama. I am an Accountant by profession, earning quite a handsome salary income.

However, due to the current scenario (read COVID 19), it is quite clear to everyone that there must be a secondary source of income and one should not put all eggs in one basket.

I have investments in mutual funds providing passive income but there was always a desire in my heart to enter into entrepreneurship.

One day I visited a website www.adamenfroy.com. There I found a post for Mr. Adam Enfroy’s monthly blog income reports. He mentioned in the latest monthly report that his total earnings per month crossed over 80,000$. That too within 1 year of starting the blog.

That was the day I decided that I will retire early. But here comes a big question; how to compete with the world of blogging?

Some facts relating to blogging business:

  1. There are currently 70 million new posts on average being published on WordPress every single month by bloggers, writers and everyone in between. (WordPress)
  2. Total number of websites at the time of writing. 1.795 billion! (Internet Live Stats)
  3. The number of bloggers is expected to top 31.7 million in the USA alone by the end of 2020. (Statista) 

I think that there is already knowledge over flow or should say information overflow in the world of internet. So apart from personal experience, whatever I will write might be just rephrasing of information which is already available on the internet.

Foundation of linkscollections.com

I have been using internet since my childhood. Still remember that modem sound and snail speed internet connections. Since that time, one thing that frustrates me is lack of categorization in google search results. Google will return anything and everything in the results as long as the word is found on the website. Cherry on top, the ads served on google which sometimes give you sponsored options instead of best options.

I know that already there are web directories available, but most of them provide sponsored links and these days they are used as source of creating backlinks. I suggest you to surf my website and decide for yourself if you find my website different than a web directory or no.

So the idea of this blog is to collect the top links category wise and help people find a one stop solution for all their needs. My efforts on this blog are to collect the trust worthy website links and to assess and ensure that the information in those websites is not mere bunch of sentences rather adds value and knowledge to the reader. 

Frankly speaking, collecting information is rather an easy job as compared to creating information and as I said before, I am no one to give expert advise when the world is already full of experts and the information is available on the internet. There is no need to re-invent the wheel. However, I do share my experience and knowledge on my personal blog “usamasohail.com”.

Your suggestions are always welcome. If you are interested to submit any collection of websites, please do contact me.

Thank you for your time. Glad you read till here. If you also want to start a blog, you can host it on bluehost or accu webhosting for as low as 3.95$ per month.