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Disney Movie Club – Join today and get 4 movies for 1$ only

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Create memories that last a lifetime. Get started with 4 Disney movies for just $1, and agree to purchase 5 titles starting at $19.95 with Membership.

Every 4 weeks and 2 additional times per year, Featured Titles are announced starting at $19.95. If you don’t want it, you may decline it or choose a different movie. Otherwise, it will be shipped to you automatically.

You will surely get the best deals on your favorite Disney movies. You’ll get big discounts, as much as 50% off, plus gifts all along the way.

Choose your format

The Club makes it easy to build your library whether you prefer DVD, Blu-ray or 4k Ultra HD. By choosing selecton in 4k Ultra HD you can enjoy the ultimate movie-watching experience:

  • Ultra, high-quality picture with 4x the resolution of HD for sharper, clearer images
  • High dynamic range for striking contrast and intense color
  • Immersive surround sound

Join the Club and own the movies you love forever.

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Important note:

As mentioned above, the 1$ offer comes with minimum purchase requirement, where you confirm to buy 5 more movies from the featured titles starting from 19.95$. So it means you will be getting 9 movies for the price of 100.75$ or 11.19$ per movie.